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Can I Make my Own Private Plate?

Quite simply, yes you can make your own private plate subject to availability of course. All registration plates are unique whether they are standard registrations issued from the car dealer when the car is registered or whether they are cherished number plates dating back over a hundred years.

What type of Private Plate Can I choose?

There are 5 different styles of number plates namely, Cherished Number plates, suffix number plates, prefix Number Plates, new style number plates and Irish number plates. 

Can I choose any style of Private Plate?

Not quite sorry. Cherished registrations are usually thought of as the style where there is no year indicator or character to determine when the registration was issued or the year of the car that it originally came off. These type of car registrations cannot be chosen at random as they have either all been issued years ago or they have been allocated for a future auction by DVLA. Similarly, suffix registrations were issued between 1963 and 1983 and most have either been used or a proportion would have been unissued and kept by DVLA to sell at future auctions again.

Irish plates or Northern Irish plates as they were one referred to obviously originate from Northern Ireland. At one time they were very unpopular with the mainland UK public as it appeared that the vehicle was either imported or it was a visitor from Northern Ireland. Nowadays, the plates have been more in demand as a disguise for the age of the vehicle it is on. Our Cheapest Private Number plates include a selection of these styles of plates from less than £69 plus Vat and the DVLA fee and can be transferred the same day in most cases.

What Style of Private Plate can I choose?

There are 2 styles of registration that you have enormous choice with. These are the prefix and new style registrations. Prefix registration plates have a letter at the front to determine the age of the registration and cannot be used to make the car appear newer than it is. New style registrations have a year indicator in the middle of the registration to show when the registration was issued and again vehicles cannot be made to appear newer by using a newer registration.

How do I find Private Number Plates?

The best place to start looking for your own personalised registration is right here on The Private Plate Company website. Try looking for initials, names or car models such 911 or V8. We have over 60 million combinations available and so theres bound to be something to suit most budgets. We also offer a complete transfer service so you don’t have to worry about the DVLA transfer and messy paperwork and time delays.