Frequently Asked Questions

Why is My Number Plate for Sale?

The Private Plate Company has a huge database of number plates for sale and this data is compiled from varies sources. Problems sometimes occur when we are advertising a number plate where the selling client hasn't informed us of the sale and as a result we are unaware it's been sold.

Plates Advertised With Trade Suppliers

Sometimes, however, if we are dealing with trade suppliers who also have a record of that particular registration plate, it may be re-added to our database so it's important that the seller informs everyone that they have asked to advertise the number plate to remove it from sale.

Removing Your Plate From Our Site

We will always remove registration plates that aren't available or have become sold, so if your registration is showing on our website and you would like to have it removed, please send an email to us at stating the registration number, your name, and address, and the document reference number for the registration.