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How Long Does a Personalised Registration Transfer Take?

How Long Does a Personalised Registration Transfer Take?

Generally speaking, providing the receiving vehicle documentation is all up to date- and that means that it is taxed, has an MoT if over 3 years old and the V5 registration document is in the correct name and address, then most transfers can be conducted within 24 hours. If the registration is being transferred from a retention certificate the certificate must also be valid and up to date. There is an expiry date on the retention document to show when it must be used by. Once we have completed the transfer to the vehicle we will email a DVLA confirmation that the transfer has taken place and the V5, Mot and tax has all been changed over. The new and amended V5 for the vehicle will then be dispatched from DVLA and arrive within 7 working days.

Same Day Private Number Plate Transfers.

The Private Plate Company offer a super fast transfer service  which will enable same day number plate transfers on most registrations for just £19.95 plus VAT, where in some cases, we are able to complete all the paperwork the same day whether you have bought the registration from us or not. In order to arrange this, we will require details of the retention certificate and the details of the car that the registration plate is being transferred onto. All these details can be found on the relevant documents which are the V5c and the V778 or V750 certificate of entitlement. Call us on 01639 888833 during working hours and ask us about super fast transfers.

Reg Transfers At Peak Times

Some times of the year are busier than others as you can imagine. The 3 weeks before Christmas are usually the busiest times of the year but we will always arrange all personalised number plate transfers in time for Christmas Day. However as mentioned previously, we will guarantee to email an official DVLA confirmation that the transfer has taken plate so that the registration can be used from Christmas Day but the completed documents are not delivered until the new year. The months of March and September can also delay transfers by about an extra week or so as the new registration releases are made at this time of the year which delay documentation issued by DVLA.

Other Delays with Registration Transfers.

There may be other delays with registration transfers when the donor or receiving vehicle is registered before 1960., All vehicles registered before this time are subject to an inspection which is carried out by a DVLA approved inspector. The inspection is to ascertain that the vehicles are genuine and roadworthy. Transfers involving inspections almost always take 6 weeks or more.


Why is the Transfer of my Number plate Taking so Long?

When an application has been made for a registration transfer, all the DVLA records need updating. Occasionally DVLA have a marker on the vehicle record that is out of the ordinary. It could be something simple such as a small break in the road tax or the MoT or it could be something more serious such as if the car was reported stolen or involved in a serious accident. This information is not disclosed by DVLA so the the simple answer in some cases is ” We don’t know”.


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