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DVLA Number Plates from The Private Plate Company

DVLA Number Plates

Although there are numerous terms, DVLA Number Plates are not to be confused with Cherished registrations or dateless marks. D.V.L.A. private registrations are the British car registrations that are issued by the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency (D.V.L.A. for short). They usually cost a few hundred pounds although some of the more sought after combinations that are very rare or desirable, or read a word or name, can cost many thousands of pounds. Nowadays, some of the earlier marks are changing hands around 10 times their original cost.

These British car registrations have not been around for quite as long as the Suffix registrations or cherished reg marks. They made their first appearance in August 1983 when the system changed from what were then the Suffix registration marks to the Prefix registration marks.

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DVLA Prefix Plates

Although you would obviously think that the “A” prefix would have been the first combination to be released for sale, it was in fact the “H” prefix registrations that were put on sale by Select Registrations in October 1990. This was because the “H” prefix was the actual letter that was in circulation for new cars at that time. The available combinations ranged from 1-20 but no higher. This was partly due to the fact that lots of the higher digits were issued on general release via car dealers for the new cars from the 1st August that year. After the successful launch of these registrations, the DVLC, as they were known then, then issued the “A” prefix range of registration numbers on 16th August 1991. Again only 20 combinations from each range were issued for sale because lots of other combinations had already been issued back in 1983. Number plate dealers and savvy investors bought thousands of these personalised registrations, as up until this point certain combinations of popular letters and names were so difficult to find and of course there was a great demand developing.

DVLA New Style Plates

Prefix car registrations continued to be issued up until March 2000, but added more combinations to the range such as 111, 200 and 222 for example, at which point the new style DVLA personalised registrations system came into circulation in September 2001 with the introduction of the “51” series. The current style of reg plate, which look like AG53 DFG for example, will be around until 2050 when another system for registering new cars will have to be dreamed up. Strangely, the “00” and “50” series have not already been released for sale which would include some fabulous combinations such as BR00 KER, SC00 TER, RE50 RTS and MA50 NRY.

DVLA Number Plate Search

We now have over 60 million personalised car registrations for sale on our registration search system at the cheapest prices, Guaranteed. Search our database of DVLA Number Plates and view all of the combinations on the same page so that you can compare the look and prices at the same time, or if preferred you can call and ask for Katherine or Martyn who have over 35 years experience in finding the best options for you at the best price. The Private Plate Company are a recognised reseller of D.V.L.A.  registrations.

We can now supply most DVLA car registrations on a 10 year retention certificate in just 4 days so that you can keep your private registration for that special occasion in the future or alternatively we can transfer directly to your vehicle in 3-4 working days.