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How to Transfer a Number Plate from a Car to a Retention Certificate

If you have a personalised registration number on your car and you are in the process of changing that car, then you may need to know how to transfer a number plate from a car to retention. This is always the best option to take if you have a new car on order as it makes the transfer of the registration number so much easier and smoother for both you and the car dealer. The last thing you want is to find that your new car is ready at the dealership, yet your valuable private number plates are still attached to your old car and is going to take 3 weeks or more to remove!

Forms Required to Transfer A Number Plate onto Retention

The form that you need to complete in order to transfer a number plate from a car to retention is called a V317.

V317 Retention Form

Just as if you were going to transfer your private number plates to another car, you will need to complete the V317 transfer form on the left hand side on the front section as the current registered keeper and sign it at the bottom.  Then, just turn it over and complete section 4 where it asks if you wish to be the named Grantee (Owner) of the registration number. If not, then there is a section to add the name of the person you wish to have appointed as the grantee.

There is also an area to add a nominee name. This is a handy option if you are selling the registration number to someone else. By adding a nominee, you can keep control of the certificate for the registration until you are paid. It then just needs to be signed by the Grantee (current owner) and posted to the new owner so that they can apply to have it transferred by DVLA.

This is what you need to include in your application to DVLA.

  1. A completed V317 retention form.
  2. The V5C registration document for the vehicle.
  3. The MoT Certificate if the vehicle is over 3years old.
  4. A cheque for £80.00 payable to DVLA.

You should wait approximately 3 weeks for the application to transfer a number plate from a vehicle to a retention to be completed by DVLA.

Transfer a Number Plate from a Car to Retention helpline.

The DVLA quote the retention time as 4-6 weeks although in our experience it generally takes about 3 weeks to receive the new documents. If you are still confused, we offer a check and send service for just £25.00 plus VAT whereby we can arrange the application over the phone in most cases. Call us on 01639 888833 for details.