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How to Inform The DVLA When You've Sold Your Car

Gone are the days when you have to do manual paperwork when buying or selling your car as such services are now being moved online. In 2015, DVLA launched their online service platform which allows people to inform the agency when they have bought, sold, or transferred their vehicle to someone else. Since then, more than 70 percent of drivers in the United Kingdom have used this service when they bought, sold, or transferred a vehicle.

If you have also sold, bought, or transferred your vehicle, here are the steps you can take to inform the DVLA.

Things to have:

  • 11-digit document reference number which can be found in the vehicle V5C logbook

Step 1:

Access the DVLA buy, sell, or scrap a vehicle website

Step 2:

Once you are at the website, click “Start now” and fill in the form choosing the correct option whether you are buying or selling a vehicle.

Step 3:

Provide the details of the new keeper and finally give the green slip to the new keeper.

What if I Sell my Vehicle to a Garage?

If you are selling your vehicle to a garage owner, simply provide them the V5C logbook and ask them to fill in the online service form immediately to inform the DVLA.

You can use the same service to inform DVLA if your vehicle has been scrapped or written off by the insurance company.

What if there is Tax Money Remaining on the Car I am Selling?

If there is any full month of tax money remaining on the vehicle you are selling, you will automatically receive the refund on the address mentioned on your V5C logbook. If there is a direct debit setup to pay your vehicle tax, it will be cancelled once you notify DVLA about the selling of your car.

What if I have Personalised Number Plates?

Personalised number plates will have to be transferred to another vehicle or  if you are planning on keeping the registration for a period of time without using it on a car, then it must be transferred to a retention certificate before sale or disposal of your vehicle. If are looking to purchase personalised number plates our handy guide well help with the process.

Final Words

The DVLA’s online service is setup to make the process when selling, buying, or transferring your car simpler. With a platform like this, you do not need to send documents through the post. If you face any issues while selling, buying, or transferring your vehicle, give the DVLA a call or write them an email.