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How to Arrange a DVLA Registration Check

If you are planning on buying a vehicle then it is always worth checking out its history with the DVLA before you part with any money. This is especially true if it is a private sale that you are involved in. While most sellers are perfectly reputable, there have been occasions when buyers have found out too late that there is a problem.

The easiest way to do this now is to check the car reg with the free DVLA registration check tool. But what exactly can you use it for?

Vital information on your new wheels

As noted above, the main purpose of the DVLA vehicle check tool is to give key information that you might need to know before buying a vehicle. Having access to relevant dates and data will allow you to spot any issues before it is too late or simply decide if it is the correct vehicle for you. As the data you get back from the vehicle check is direct from the DVLA themselves, you can trust that it is completely up to date. Even better, it is totally free!

The main pieces of vehicle information you can get by using the DVLA Vehicle Check Tool are:

- when does the current tax expire?
- when does the MOT run out?
- the vehicle’s SORN status
- date of first registration
- vehicle colour
- the year it was manufactured
- the vehicle’s engine size
- CO2 emission rate
- current tax rate of vehicle

As you can see, there is lots of valuable research that this resource can perform for you. The data you get back will enable you to not only ensure that the registration plate on a vehicle is genuine but also weigh up if the deal is right for you.

How do you use it?

The registration checker is found on the DVLA’s own website. Using it is really simple - all you need is enter the vehicle registration. The tool is free to use so you just put this information into it and get the relevant vehicle details back.

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