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Private Number Plate Questions?

Below we answer some commonly asked questions about the different types of private number plates available in the UK.

  • Cherished number plates are generally regarded as the dateless style of a personalised plate that has no year identifier on them to determine the age of the registration. Dateless number plates date back as far as 1903 when the very first vehicle was registered with the number plate A1. These car registrations are usually the most expensive because of their age, rarity, and the fact that they can be as short 2 or 3 characters. An example of an early dateless registration would resemble MD 11 or 1 KD

  • Suffix Style car registrations first appeared in February 1963 and ran until July 1983. This was the next style of registration mark issued by the DVLC once most areas in the country ran out of the dateless or Cherished type of plate. This type of number plate starts with 3 letters and has numbers between 1 and 999 and ends with a letter which depicts the year of issue. An example would be ABC 3F. This type of number plate has become more and more popular in recent years due to the surge in personalised plate values as they tend to be a little less expensive than the dateless equivalents.

  • Prefix style registrations came into force when the suffix plates ended in July 1983 and continued being issued until the end of August 2001. They were the exact reverse of the Suffix format as the number plate started with a letter to show the year of issue, then a number and then 3 random letters. We have thousands of DVLA prefix registrations for sale as they are by far the most popular sellers, they are very reasonably priced and can be registered to a vehicle within 3 to 4 days. We can also arrange to send a retention certificate for this type of number plate in just a few days too.

  • When prefix car registration plates came to an end in 2001 with the Y prefix, DVLA had to introduce a new system to register new cars. The new style registration started with an area code to determine which part of the country the car was first registered to and ended with 3 random letters. The plate also includes two digits in the middle which represent the year the registration was issued. 02 would be 2002, 03 would be 2003 and so on. This is a great type of personalised registration if you should want two sets of initials on the same reg.

    You can search over 40 million New Style DVLA Registrations here

  • Northern Irish registration plates are a great way to disguise the age of a car as there is no age identifier, but they do include the letter I or Z or sometimes even both. This number plate style is very popular with fleet owners such as coach companies and haulage companies who don’t want to let on to the age of their vehicles. It’s also very popular for drivers of high value cars who also want to disguise the age. An example of this style is PXZ 3478. We carry an extensive stock of this style from less than £100 and we can generally transfer them the same day if required.

  • The DVLA have literally millions of registrations that have never been released on vehicles and these include all the styles mentioned above. All the DVLA Auction registrations carry a buyer’s premium, and they are all subject to VAT. The auctions are generally held every few weeks and if you’re lucky you can pick up a bargain however its always worth checking what's on the market before committing to a bid.

You may find answers to other questions about private plates on our FAQ page.

Private Number Plates, DVLA Registrations & Personalised Plates

Almost 30 Years Trading

Welcome to our website. Did you know we are one of the UK’s longest-standing companies in the business of personalised number plates on the net and have been trading for almost 30 years? We have sold over 300,000 private registrations in that time and are considered an authority in our field. Our team has genuinely sold some of the most expensive private reg numbers ever sold. Whether you are buying or selling private number plates, your enquiry will receive the utmost attention from our experienced team.

No Hidden Extras

The price you see is the price you pay. Unlike some companies, we have no hidden extras to surprise you with once you have made your choice of personal reg plate. Our policy is and will also be a no-nonsense approach to all aspects of our business, so if you are considering purchasing a new private number plate from us, what you see is what you pay.

Buying Private Number Plates

Apart from Unissued Government Stock, we have over 50,000 cheap reg plates. All paperwork is professionally handled by our company or if preferred, can be supplied on a retention certificate if you’re not quite ready to use it.

We strive to be the most competitive personalised number plate supplier in the UK offering a premier service yet we still allow you to make an offer on almost all our cherished registration plates to get the best deal available. That’s probably why we have sold some of the most desirable personalised registration numbers in the country including B 1 and 2 G as well as thousands of cheap dateless registrations.

We are respected members of the Cherished Numbers Guild which is an organisation set up by other reliable and respected members of the cherished plate world to make sure that you, our customers, are treated fairly and honestly.

Selling Private Registration Plates

If you have a private plate that you want to sell, we offer a FREE valuation service based on almost 30 years of selling similar combinations so you can be assured your registration will be competitively priced and saleable. There is NO charge for advertising either and our website receives thousands of visits each day. We also offer a competitive finance rate to assist customers on a tight budget or looking for dateless registrations and cherished plates in our premier number plates section.

All sales and private number plate transfers are made in strict accordance with regulations set out by The Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and virtually all our transactions are concluded within 14 days with a majority completed within a week. You can order your vehicle registration plate safely and securely online or if you prefer, you can call us on 01639 888833. We don’t bite, and you may find it helpful. We’re even available after hours by email for free help and advice on how to buy a number plate, sell a number plate, and the transfer process.

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