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What Is A V5C (Logbook)?

What Is A V5C?

Important Information You Should Know About The Log Book

The V5C is documentation relating to your car. Here is more information on what is a V5C? and when you may need it. The “logbook” or V5C is a document that the DVLA issues to a registered keeper of a car. This paper documentation contains specific details pertaining to the vehicle and is also used for informing the DVLA of changes. These changes usually include a change of address and name, or when the car has been sold to another owner. This document is also required when the car is scrapped, written-off, or modified.

The DVLA states that the V5C is not and cannot be used for “proof of ownership”. The name of the owner might be present on this documentation, but this only indicates who is held responsible when it comes to the taxing and registering of the car, rather than the person that owns the vehicle legally.

DVLA Vehicle V5C Logbook

Even though insurance and driving licence certificates have started to go digital over the last few years, the V5C will still be sent to a registered keeper in paper format.

Even though it will most likely remain a paper document, the DVLA is now allowing owners of cars to register address changes or change of ownership for vehicles on its official website. This was a feature recently introduced and the aim behind it was to make it much faster to update details by not having to complete relevant sections of a V5C and then posting this part of the document to the DVLA.

Here is more information on the latest process to register a vehicle keeper change online, or the paper-only, older method. This will also include the other uses relating to a V5C, such as alerting the DVLA when you have moved homes or when your car was scrapped, and what to do if your V5C is damaged or lost.

Online Method On How To Complete The V5C When You Sell A Car

When you sell a vehicle, you should have your V5C for the car and it should be undamaged and intact. Once you have settled on a suitable deal, you must let the DVLA know that you no longer own the car and the ownership has changed. When doing this process online, get the email address of the new owner, as this type of contact information is required when using the site.

These services are available every day between 7 am and 7 pm. You are still required to fill in the V5C/2 Section, titled “Selling or transferring my vehicle to a new keeper (not a trader)” on your V5C paper document. Tear this section off and supply the new keeper with this part of the paper so that they have proof that the ownership has been transferred.

Once you have completed the online form, the DVLA will send an instant email that confirms the change of ownership, and they will send a letter by post. This will also apply if you sell your car to a dealership, trader, or garage.