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Private Number Plates

The term Private Number Plates is probably the most widely used phrase to describe all styles of cherished or personalised registrations. 50 years ago, you may have been classed as a snob if your car displayed anything quite so fancy, because personalised registrations were rare and generally only regarded as items purchased by the rich and famous. In fact, in real terms, some of the most valuable car registrations these days could have been bought for next to nothing compared to the enormous sums they fetch today.

1974 advert.png

Prices have increased enormously since the mid 1970’s and as an example, an advertisement in Motor magazine in June 1974 shown above, advertised registrations such as 9 SAR and SB 450 for £125 and £150 respectively. In todays market these would be at least £10,000 each so you can see what great investments they have been. And just look at 813 JH. This was just £50 in 1974 but again would be priced somewhere nearer £10,000 or more.

paul-daniels-plate.jpgBack in the 1960’s celebrities were renowned for having fancy registrations on their cars. Famously, people like Max Bygraves had the registration mark MB 1 on a Rolls Royce throughout the 1960’s and 70’s. Paul Daniels, who needs no introduction, managed to acquire MAG 1C after it had been issued as a replacement cherished plate by mistake in another registration transfer, and Stirling Moss, the famous racing driver, owned the mark SM 7 for over 50 years until he passed away in 2020.

That small exclusive piece of plastic on the back and front of your car may be something that’s overlooked by many motorists, but to some, it’s the most important part of the car, and in many cases it’s more valuable than the car itself!

Private Number Plates for Sale

Personalised registration plates have grown in popularity and value over the last 2 decades and with the introduction of the select registrations series by the DVLA. They are now much more affordable and there are now less snobs and many more private registration plate enthusiasts on our roads.  The DVLA have also become active in selling registrations through their auctions since 1989 and have generated millions of pounds in revenue for the treasury.

We currently have over 66 million cherished car registrations available for sale on our site that can be purchased securely online or over the phone by using debit or credit card or using our generous finance terms. Once ordered we can offer to arrange the entire transfer paperwork in just a few days or on the day of your choice if you are looking at purchasing as a gift for an important occasion such as a birthday or Christmas present.

We are here to help if you are undecided on what type of registration marks you are looking to buy. If you are looking at selling a car registration or just require a valuation, don’t forget we do offer a free valuation service online or by phone. Our valuation will be based on similar available marks and information on previous sales over the last 30 years to ensure you are pricing correctly.