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The Range Rover SVR

The Range Rover SVR

We have to admit, that we are very partial to Land Rover and especially Range Rover models. They just always seem to state class. No matter which one, whether its the Vogue or the Sport, you can’t help but stare at its presence as one passes you. Its no surprise that since Land Rover have updated the style of the new 4x4’s, everyone has grown to love them even more than before. When they first unveiled the new Vogue, we were a bit sceptical if we are honest. We always loved the way the old Vogue looked, so why change it? Of course they have got to move on with the times, and that’s changing rapidly. But seeing it for real, both the Vogue and the new Sport, we are in awe of them.

So now the wonderful world of Land Rover have given us something else to get all flustered about, the new Range Rover Sport SVR. This 4x4 with its 5 litre supercharged engine can get to 60 in as little as 4.5 seconds which is astonishing for a vehicle of this size. It can reach speeds of 162 mph and with 542bhp gurgling under the bonnet, its sure to make you get all excited. Its a great looking 4x4 with the performance of an Aston Martin so its no surprise that it only does just over 22 mpg-but who cares, its a Range Rover.

The SVR is now available for order from February 2015 and with a price tag starting from £93,000, it makes you think about all the positives it offers, from the luxury interior to the exterior, this 4x4 is totally worth it. You’ve got the all the comfort that Land Rover provide and lets be honest here, they’ve never failed on that. Luxury and power, that’s what everyone wants plus plenty of space for 5 people and their shopping.

Range Rover Registration Numbers

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