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Aston Martin DBX

Aston Martin DBX

Although Its future is undecided, the Aston Martin DBX that was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show this week should eventually make the production lines. Well that’s what we think anyway.

Most of the luxury manufactures are heading this way. Ferrari,Lamborghini and even Bugatti are making environmentally friendly cars, so its no surprise that Aston Martin is following suit. We have to admit, looking at the concept car that was shown this week, it’s stunning and we’re sure that if Aston decide to build this car, the orders would flood in. It has it all, sleek good looks, that huge impressive grill-that every knows and loves-and that aggressive look that shows you mean business, if anyone wanted to take you on in a duel.

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So what have they said this car will offer? Well knowing that the world is adapting to protecting the planet, even more so now, the DBX Concept will run purely off electric motors mounted in the wheels that will be powered by Li-SO2 batteries. Li-SO2 for the geeky enthusiast out there are Lithium Sulphur Dioxide batteries.

Aston Martin still want drivers to have the luxury and style that the brand has always offered, but it wants be more family friendly and practical due to its four seats. It will also offer huge luggage space in both the boot and in the bonnet, so this car is going to be perfect for that eco friendly family. Wonder if there will be enough room for a pram/pushchair? Now that would tick all the right boxes. Super stylish new mum, looking after the planet in her awesome car.

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