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The Ford Mustang is Tipped to be the World's Most Popular Sports Car in 2018

The Ford Mustang is Tipped to be the World's Most Popular Sports Car in 2018

If you love cars, then you’ll be pleased to learn that the Ford Mustang is tipped to be the world’s most popular sports cars in 2018. This is according to the latest research gained from vehicle registration data within the sports car industry. During 2016, Ford sold over 150,000 Ford Mustangs, and sales have been steadily increasing. Outside of the States, a staggering 45,000 Mustangs went up for sale.

The Mustang has always been a firm favourite with the muscle car fans ever since its inception in the early sixties. It was based on the Ford Falcon of the same era and found instant success. It was named the Mustang because the designer John Najjar had a love of the fighter plane from World War 2 although there have been rumours that it was named by Robert Eggert who was a researcher for The Ford Motor Company. At the time Robert was also a horse breeder and was coincidentally reading a book called Mustangs. We will never know the real truth although we do know that its becomming the fastest selling sprts car.

From strength to strength


Launched back in 2015 in China, it has long since been the fastest and biggest selling sports car in China. This iconic car within the sporting community has caught the attention of sports car enthusiasts around the world, with many choosing to incorporate cherished number plates to truly personalise their vehicle. The Mustang is now in its sixth generation and during 2016, the car managed to increase its exports by up to 18 percent. Its up against some stiff competition from Audi with their latest reincarnation of the S5 and the Jaguar XFR models but we are sure it will fare well the British public.

The 2018 look

The new Ford Mustang has a completely new look and features some very exciting innovative and advanced technologies. With regards to the exterior, the headlights are now much smaller and there is the addition of funky LED strip lights. The bumper has also been radically redesigned. With regards to power and performance, the new Mustang will have a 10-speed gearbox, a new exhaust system and an EcoBoost V8 engine. What is most exciting are the new technological advances with this car. The inside of the car is also much improved, including hand-stitched materials, a heated steering wheel and an impressive 12-inch touchscreen that allows users to fully personalise settings.


The great news is that the 2018 Ford Mustang will be made available in over 140 countries, including being sold in Brazil for the very first time. With regards to the UK, as yet there is no release date but we expect the car to go on sale towards the end of the year. Price is expected to be within the £30,000 to £40,000 price range. If you want to truly personalise your Ford Mustang then contact us to find out our range of cheap private plates. You could even try a Mustang Number Plate.