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Alpine to unleash the A110 Sports Car in 2018

Alpine to unleash the A110 Sports Car in 2018

Many people believe that inexpensive sports cars are a bit like cheap private plates: non-existent. With the A110 available for €58,500 in Europe, however, things could be about to change when it arrives on British shores in 2018.

Alpine is Renault’s sports car division and the A110 is a big deal as it signals the fact that the French firm is looking to bring it back after several years of dormancy. They’re not coming back quietly either, with the company promising that the A110 from Alpine will be amongst some of the most exciting cars available. Head of engineering Dawid Twohig is understandably excited, staring that the car will have light steering and feel pretty much the same as a Porsche Cayman does.

They’re promising that the A110 is going to be fast too. With a weight of just 1080kg, the car is going to powered by a turbocharged 1.8-litre engine. That means its power to weight ratio is better than what’s on offer from the 718 Cayman. Like the Porsche, the Alpine will come with a mid-mounted engine which will drive through a seven-speed paddle shift.

The Alpine is also going to be extremely compact, meaning Renault have designed the A110 with spectacle in mind. Measuring just 4.18 metres in length and 1.25 metres high, the Alpine packs a lot of power into its relatively small frame. Its lack of size doesn’t mean that the practicality has been completely compromised; Renault have promised that there will be enough room for a pair of tall adults along with some luggage. If you’re a fan of the good old-fashioned glove compartment, however, then you’re in for some disappointment as there isn’t one in the A110.

The compact design has been engineered to ensure that the weight is kept down. There’s also an aluminium chassis and fixed-back seats which have half the weight of the seats in the Megane RS. The weight savings don’t stop there, Renault have even thought to overhaul the windscreen washer system so that the washer bottle is half as big as the bottles you would find on a regular car. There’s also a new type of parking brake that saves an additional 5kg. All of which means the A110 can go from zero to sixty-two in just four and a half seconds.

The Alpine is currently available to order but no UK prices have been released. If you’ve got your eye on one, you’re going to have to be quick as the launch edition is already sold out and it will only be sold in the UK through a small handful of dealers.

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