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Scrappage Scheme Buyers Can Make That New Ford Stand Out

Scrappage Scheme Buyers Can Make That New Ford Stand Out

The Ford Motor Company has announced a new scrappage scheme allowance for buyers of new cars when you trade in your old diesel or petrol engine model of any make if they are over seven years old. Already the most popular make of car in the country, expect sales to boom, with savings of up to £2,000 to £4,950, or £7,000 available for those buying a new Ford van.

It runs until the end of the year, so if you aren’t quite ready to part with your old car yet, you have time, and we can also expect other marques to reveal similar schemes. BMW and Mercedes already have one if you are looking at the higher end of the car market, but they are only accepting diesel models to try and improve air quality as they focus on a greener future. Here’s a list of the available models and their savings:

Model Series Car Scrappage Saving including VAT

All New Fiesta (excl. Style) £2,000

B-MAX Titanium, Titanium X £3,500

B-MAX Titanium Navigator, £3,200

Titanium X Navigator £3,200

Focus Zetec Edition, ST-Line £4,450

Focus Titanium, Titanium X £4,950

C-MAX & Grand C-MAX Zetec £4,000

C-MAX & Grand C-MAX Titanium £4,500

C-MAX & Grand C-MAX Titanium X £4,500

New Kuga All £3,000

Helping the environment

With the old cars being taken off the road and scrapped, the scheme can help contribute to a better environment. While the main aim is to help reduce air pollution and put more efficient new Ford models on the road, it does mean that we could all be drowning in a jam of Fiestas, Focus and Kuga models, as long as the original price is £12,000 or higher. So what better way to set your new Ford apart than with a cherished custom plate?

Let us help you find a plate

We can provide a fast service for your custom plate, helping you find a personalised number plate that will make your car distinctive. Plus, we have an excellent reputation with the DVLA, so your new plate will usually arrive within 10 days. Custom plates can be formed to contain names, abbreviations, dates of birth, references to pets and many other quirky ideas. Check out our plate finder or our entire current list of DVLA Auction plates  to discover something unique and appropriate for your car.