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Maserati Private Number Plates

Maserati Private Number Plates

The Maserati company was established way back in 1914. This was something of a shock to us as we had no idea the company was older than both BMW and Porsche. The company was started by four brothers who were all car fanatics. Three of the brothers were in the business of building racing cars for another small Italian firm called Diatto who originally built luxury horse drawn carriages back in the early 1800’s but moved on to railway carriages in the latter part of the nineteenth century. But in 1926 the company stopped building these racing cars and so the Maserati brothers moved into car manufacture.

The brothers had clearly learned a thing or two from their time with Diatto, as their first car won the Targo Florio race in 1926 with Alferi Maserati at the wheel. They continued to participate at races and won countless events. Sadly, Alferi died a few years later, and soon after that the Maserati brothers sold the shares in the company to a wealthy industrialist called Adolfo Orsi who continued running the business but closed the factory down and reopened it in Modena. They were still successful at winning races and even won two consecutive Indianapolis 5000 races in 1939 and 1940.

MAZ Registration Numbers

Maserati Private Number Plates The company changed hands a few times in the 1960’s and 70’s being bought by both Citroen and De Tomaso until Fiat took control in 1993. This is when Maserati came to the forefront of sports car manufacturing with the introduction of the 3200 GT model, but were still struggling to keep the business afloat. In more recent years Ferrari have taken full control of the brand introducing more reliable models and using its own engines to power the cars. Its even released a diesel model called the Maserati Ghibli based on an early 1970’s model that can return almost 48 miles to the gallon. There’s some great information on the Maserati Owners Club website.

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