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This Plate will Blow you Away

This Plate will Blow you Away

This Plate will Blow you Away

We’ve seen some amazing personalised registration numbers over the last 20 years, but this one will blow you away-quite literally.

Car registrations that spell words or names are becoming more and more popular as motorists opt for funny and humorous registrations rather than the traditional style containing initials. The best type of car registrations that have words are the funny ones or the ones representing company names. Chanel, the luxury perfume brand have the registration NO 5 to represent their best selling perfume but it would only be really noticeable to drivers that knew this fact. Funny number plates such as B10 BBY ( BLOBBY) SME 11Y ( SMELLY) and FAR 7Y (FARTY) will attract attention and a smile wherever they are seen.

FARTY number plate for sale

FAR 7Y is bound to raise a few eyebrows and attract a grin or two we are sure no matter where you are. Its just been listed with us for sale at £5250 plus VAT. Originally issued back in 1979 in Hertfordshire, its been on a few cars during its 34 years but is currently on a retention certificate pending transfer to a new owners car. Can you think of anyone this plate would suit?

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