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Lamborghini Asterion

Lamborghini Asterion

Ok, so as you all know, last week we wrote about Ferrari entering the world of Hybrid technology which, let’s face it, has shocked us all.  We bet you’re all wondering what other super car will be following in Ferrari’s footsteps? Well firstly let’s clarify that at the moment this is just a concept car, so we are not sure when or if it will ever be built, but judging by it’s competitors, we are pretty certain it will.

This car is quite impressive with a 907 BHP engine which is definitely not the norm with a Hybrid type car! Fantastic right?  Are you wondering what car we could possibly be talking about? Well this company, being a small manufacturer, has a lot of issues with what some would call “purists” to consider. This group doesn’t typically want anything to do with battery operated cars, but the world is changing and people are changing and maybe even they are changing! People are more passionate about how things are affecting our environment and all this talk on climate change is becoming more frequent to the point that really it cannot be ignored. It seems the consensus has been made that hybrid cars are the future and before long all car manufacturers will be changing their ways. This thought may have once seemed far-fetched but as we are seeing with this car and the Ferrari we recently talked about, the future is now.

This two seater is not a family car by any means, it’s plain to see that this is a sports car. It measures almost 15 and a half feet long and uses an adapted carbon fibre monocoque from one of it’s stablemates. It’s been lengthened to allow more space inside which surely makes for a more comfortable ride even if it is only for 2 passengers. The 5.2 litre V10 engine is sure to make it hard to believe that this is in fact a Hybrid car, with its seven speed, dual clutch automatic gearbox it boasts all the wow factors that it’s non-hybrid predecessors had. And just if you didn’t think that was all this car could offer it wows us even more with the addition of motors on the front axle to make it a four wheel drive, similar to the Porsche 918. On top of all this it is said to reach up to speeds of 185mph and will get to 60mph in 3 seconds and through doing speeds like this, it will be reasonably clean emitting only 98g of CO2s! So you can imagine how much it will release when doing just 70mph. We love this car already!!!

Lamborghini Asterion

So what is this amazing car we are going on about?  Please meet the, hopefully one day on our roads, Lamborghini Asterion! We think this car is INCREDIBLE and are so happy to see the automotive industry making these great strides toward a beautiful marriage of style, class, power and environmentally conscious technology in these pretty amazing new cars!

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