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Private Plate 17 SJC

Private Plate 17 SJC

Here’s a very rare combination of private number plate, 17 SJC, that we have as part of our stock collection. The JC part of the registration is one of the most popular combinations of second and third initials in the country and the S is amongst the top 3 most common christian initials.

17 SJC History

Cherished registration numbers issued before 1963 did not have a year letter or indicator on them as they do these days and so they are the most desirable ones to have on a car. The second and third letters of a three letter combination were used to determine where the car was registered and in the case of JC number plates, that was Caernarvon.Private Plate 17 SJC

The first letter of the number plate was issued in alphabetical order once the last letter had run out, so after AJC 999, the next registration number released would have been BJC 1.

However Caernarvon was, and still is, quite a rural part of the country and as such did not have as many new car registrations as the likes of large cities such as London or Manchester. As a consequence, they only managed to issue the range from AJC up to OJC and the likes of 17 SJC were never released although a handful have been issued since the early 1990’s by the DVLA.

Whilst this isn’t much of a fact to anyone other than auto numerologists (thats the name given to number plate enthusiasts) its certainly a problem to anyone whose initials are PJC, RJC or indeed SJC. The Personalised Registration 17 SJC is available exclusively from The Private Plate Company for £6995 plus VAT but we are always happy to negotiate if you are interested.