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Rare Private Plates

Rare Private Plates

Where can you find rare private plates ? Well the first place to look is on our website although some difficult to find combinations ( as opposed to rare) can be found from time to time at DVLA auction sales.  All unreleased personalised number plates will, in time, be sold at the DVLA auction sales, but there are some combinations that were issued over 100 years ago that have, sadly, been lost in the number plate ether, never to be seen again.

Rare Private Plates

  Some rare private plates have vanished because the cars just rusted away, some because number plates weren’t considered valuable and so weren’t transferred and some because they have been exported and the number would have been lost in the process. Early registration number combinations such as the single letter, single number plates are now selling at over £100,000 due to the fact that they are becoming highly sought after.

The registration number F 1 for example was sold for £440,000 to businessman Afzal Khan in 2008 after being owned by Essex County Council for over 30 years. Mr Khan has, apparently been offered £6 million although has said its not for sale for less than £10 million.

Other Rare Private Plates for sale

Rare Private Plates

Other rare private plates that are currently on sale with us are as follows.

E 6 Issued in Staffordshire in January 1904. The only original single E registration plate for sale today. All other single E original registrations are on vehicles apart from E 5. Oddly enough, none of the vehicles are worth even half the value of the plates. How odd is that?

6 T is a DVLA issued registration from an auction back in 1995.  As 6 T looks so much like GT, we thought it would be nice to show it on a Bentley GT model. 6 T is currently on sale with The Private Plate Company for offers around £220,000.

Rare Private Plates wanted

We are always on the look out for rare private plates, so if you think we would be interested, please call us on 01639 888833 or email us with details via our contact page.