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How Private Number Plates Can Make Your Company Vehicles Stand Out

How Private Number Plates Can Make Your Company Vehicles Stand Out

Often, we think of personalised number plates as something of a luxury for vehicle owners. They’re a chance to make a private vehicle stand out. But did you know that an increasing number of businesses, of all shapes and sizes, are choosing to add a personal number plate to each of the vehicles in their fleet?

The benefits of private number plates for businesses

Most drivers aren’t emotionally attached to their company vehicles like they are to their private cars. They may use a different vehicle each day, and might not even have cherished number plates on their vehicles at home - let alone the bus or van that they drive for work. So why exactly are private number plates such a good idea for business vehicles?

They attract attention

Private number plates always attract attention, whether they’re on personal or business vehicles. When someone’s stuck in traffic behind your company van, imagine their surprise to notice that your vehicle’s reg plate matches your business type.

Could you be a children’s entertainer with the reg plate ‘FUN 3Y’, or a vet with the registration plate ‘54 VET’? It’s an eye-catching way to promote your business when you’re out on the road.

As well as using registration plates that are linked to your industry, you can use variations of your company name.

They’re handy for keeping track of fleets

If you have a large fleet of vehicles, current style registration plates can make it hard to quickly describe which vehicle you’re talking about.

If you have six minibuses in your fleet, they’re much easier to categorise with the reg plates ‘L23 BUS’, plus ‘L24’, ‘L25’, ‘L26’, ‘L27’ and ‘L28’ of the same. It’s so much simpler than remembering the longer original number plate.

They hide the age of your vehicle

A well-maintained vehicle can stand the test of time, though you might not always want the age of your vehicle betrayed by its registration plate. Personalised plates avoid this, and are particularly valuable for wedding car companies and in other industries where the car’s exact age should not be the focus.

Some registration plates are in high demand, with prices that reflect this. Others, not so much. It’s often easier to find cheap private number plates for business use than it is for personal use, specifically because your business name is unlikely to be in high demand. If you can find a great number plate that links to your business name rather than your industry type, you may get a fantastic deal!

Otherwise, even the more costly private number plates can be worthwhile for your company cars. Consider the benefits listed above; how much do they mean to your business?