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3 Reasons to Get Personalised Number Plates in 2019

3 Reasons to Get Personalised Number Plates in 2019

Your car is likely one of your most valued possessions - you take it for a valet, you get it cleaned regularly and now you’re considering pimping that ride with your very own personalised car registration. If your standard DVLA number plates are no longer giving you the extra je ne sais quoi that you need, then getting a personalised number plate in 2019 may well be the best next step for you. Read on and find out more - we have three reasons as to why investing in personalised number plates in 2019 is a god idea.

It’s a good investment

Private number plates - particularly ones spelling particular words or names - are an excellent investment for the future. Private car registrations hold their value and often increase in value - so much so that people are choosing to invest in sought-after personalised car registrations in favour of investing their money elsewhere. If you’re fortunate enough to get your hands on a particularly sought after registration then you could find that it’s worth more than a pretty penny in the future - if you’re buying to wisely invest your money, that is! Choosing the right set of number plates now could seriously benefit you financially in the future - if you do your research and understand the market. An added bonus is to remember that you can also get to use your investment every day until you selling without worrying that you are adding wear and tear or mileage to it. You may also find that someone approaches you on the street after seeing it on your car so you can benefit from free advertising at the same time.

You can express your personality

Whilst private number plates are seen regularly across the water in the states, the lull of private plates UK-side is something that hasn’t quite caught on to the masses. This is something that is changing with the times - having the ability to express yourself through cherished number plates is becoming more and more appealing - especially with the idea of cheap private plates. It doesn’t have to cost the world to be unique any more - personalised number plates can give you that edge. Whilst some people may choose to invest in bespoke-designed wheel trims or specially painted car bonnets, personalising your car with its very own number plate is an impelling way of making it stand out from the crowd. Unlike the usual optional extras. that cost hundreds or even thousands such as metallic paint and leather upholstery, you also have the added luxury of using your new registration time and time again on the next car and the car after that.

You’ll never forget your car registration

Knowing your car registration number is important - and chances are, you’ve already forgotten it. Having a personalised number plate, on the other hand, eliminates the risk of this happening. If you’ve taken the time to come up with your very own, personalised number plate then the chances of you forgetting it when you need it are very slim. Parking that needs your registration? Sorted. Have to ring the insurance company when you’re out and about? No problem at all. Having private number plates takes away the fuss and confusion and makes everything run that little bit easier for you.