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How Close are Driverless Cars?

How Close are Driverless Cars?

Talk of driverless cars is increasingly common. A number of major automotive manufacturers are believed to be testing autonomous vehicles, and they are a common sight on roads around the Silicon Valley.

On paper (or computer data) this seems the next logical step. After all, thanks to IoT, onboard sensors, GPS, cameras and technological geniuses, cars can now complete all sorts of manoeuvres independently of their driver.

So why shouldn’t we all get in line for connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) to take us around with no effort required?

The Driverless Car Skeptics

There are many people who believe this would be a step too far.

After all, for all the talk of Artificial Intelligence, there are no computer programmes yet to cope with the vagaries of human life.

The theory is that the driverless car’s AI system would assimilate data over time with testing - much as a driver takes in experience and grows their knowledge.

However, at what point is a driverless car going to be able to anticipate the erratic behaviour of pedestrians or cyclists, for example? Or the actions of that driver who cuts you up, to exit a motorway?

It seems far fetched that CAV cars could store the amount of data it takes to deal with the many every day traffic situations that rely on human instinct and intuition.


Data to Replace Drivers

Also, there is concern that automation requires a level of data that transcends what is acceptable to store and share. There are ethical, privacy and security fears about the amount of information needed to help machines to replicate human interaction.

The British Love their Cars

Most importantly, getting behind the wheel of your vehicle and being the one in control is central to car ownership in the first place.

The nation’s passion for personalised plates perfectly illustrates the connection they have with their cars, and the way it reflects their own personalities and preferences.

The applications of autonomous cars, therefore, could well become limited to such things as driverless deliveries or road measurement and maintenance projects.

Whatever the future holds, if you love your car, get in touch today to find personalised number plates to show the world you are proud to be behind the wheel.