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The Benefits of a Private Registration Plate

The Benefits of a Private Registration Plate

Personal number plates may seem like a bit of an investment, so you want to make sure that they’re going to be right for you. Aside from deciding on the sort of message you want your personal number plate to give, it’s important to consider what benefits you’ll be able to enjoy.

Here are some common advantages owners of cherished number plates experience.

Disguise your car’s age

Cherished number plates obviously don’t do much good when it comes to hiding large rust spots, dented bodywork, or clouds of exhaust fumes, but they can do wonders for making your car appear much younger than it is if it’s in otherwise good condition.


This is because dateless registrations don’t have the obvious year letter indicator so the age of the plate and that car plate is obscured. The design of certain cars seems to belie their years, leaving the registration plate the only real clue of the car’s age. A personal number plate means your car becomes effectively ageless, as long as it remains in good condition.

A sound investment

The reason why personal number plates are a good investment is that they’re unique. There is only ever going to be one set of those plates, and if they’re registered to you then you could be liable to make a tidy profit should you decide to sell on.

It’s not a case of needing to spend the earth, either. Even cheap private plates have been shown to grow in value over time. That means you get several years of driving around enjoying the plates, then when you’re done you’re able to sell them on to the next custodian for a good profit. Choose your private plate wisely, and it could be worth something more in a few years’ time.

Express yourself

Cherished number plates allow you to adorn your car with a message of significance to you. This could be anything from an indication of what you do/ did for a living, your nickname, your partner’s name, or even just a favourite word or something you find particularly amusing.

It’s an opportunity for you to express yourself and show the world a little bit of your personality. You’re also much less likely to forget the registration number of personal number plates, unlike regular ones which almost never trip off the tongue.