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London Parking Spaces

London Parking Spaces

There seem to be more and more 4 x 4 vehicles on the road by the day with nearly every motor manufacturer jumping on the SUV bandwagon with their own version of the Chelsea tractor.

The rise of the 4x4

Land Rover were the instigators of all things “four by four” when, in 1970, they released the 1st generation Range Rover. Since then, almost all car manufactures have designed and marketed their own version with vehicles such as the Jeep Cherokee, the BMW X range, Audis Q range and even Porsche have joined the party with the Cayenne.


Range Rover still favourite

However the most highly revered of all the 4 x 4 vehicles is still the mighty Range Rover. According to @JeremyClarkson from BBC Top Gear, the Range Rover is the best car in the world. The latest incarnation is larger, faster, quieter and more economical than its predecessors and its clearly stronger judging by the photograph of this new £80,000 version. They are very large vehicles and such they can prove quite difficult to park especially in the congested towns and cities. We also know property prices in London are at a premium but surely this parking space is a bit snug. What do you think?