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Are Number Plates Aren't Worth The Risk

Are Number Plates Aren't Worth The Risk

It’s increasingly easy for motorists to obtain unofficial, non-DVLA number plates. If you’re a fan of personalised number plates , you may be tempted by this option yourself. But is it worth it? The short answer is ‘no’.

You should always ensure that your number plates are official, DVLA number plates and that they are obtained from a reputable supplier. We’ll explore these reasons in today’s blog entry.

Here at ThePrivatePlateCo, we believe it’s important to make drivers aware of the shortcomings and dangers associated with unofficial, non-DVLA number plates. You might be surprised to learn how problematic these plates are.

1. Non-DVLA plates are illegal

Unofficial number plates that don’t represent DVLA licence numbers are illegal. It’s important to remember that number plates aren’t just decorative: they’re meant to act as unique markers that make vehicles easy to identify. It’s important for the DVLA and other proper authorities to be able to find out who a car belongs to and where it is kept. Official number plates make this possible. Fitting a car with unofficial number plates undermines this system and is therefore frowned upon by the law.

2. You don’t want to be fined

The consequences of displaying these number plates can be very severe. You could face a substantial fine on the spot if police catch you. Unless you’re eager to lose £1,000 as quickly as possible, installing unofficial plates just isn’t worth the risk.

3. The plates you want are available legally

There’s no reason to personalise your car using unofficial number plates: you can do it just as easily with legal ones! Here at ThePrivatePlateCo, we can offer over 100,000 different personalised number plates, all of which genuine DVLA plates that can be registered to your vehicle.

Unofficial plates might seem tempting, but they are illegal, risky and unnecessary. If you want to do your civic duty (and avoid being fined), it’s always better to buy official DVLA number plates from a seller you can trust. If you’d like more information on buying DVLA plates, contact us today.

Illegal number plates

Don’t confuse illegal number plates with banned number plates though. Banned number plates are where DVLA have determined that a particular combination is offensive or relates to religious beliefs. You can read our post about banned number plates and maybe let us know of some that we have missed.