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Who needs a house when you have a Motorhome like this?

Who needs a house when you have a Motorhome like this?

So we were flicking through a car magazine the weekend & could not believe what we were looking at - a motorhome fit for a Queen. We were totally fixated on this fantastic vehicle, also known as recreational vehicles or RV that we couldn’t wait to google more and what we saw blew us away. You wouldn’t need a house if you had one of these. We can just imagine turning up at a campsite in one of these and seeing the jaws drop on all the campers, Brilliant!!!!

Private plates for Motorhomes

The interior specs

It’s a luxury hotel suite on wheels and inside you will expect the best of materials including marble, leather, suede and bronze to name a few. The master bedroom consists of a kingsize bed along with a plasma screen so you can chill out in the summer evenings. The bathroom is fully equipped like your bathroom at home, plus in your kitchen you have all the things you need, a fridge, an oven, a washing machine and a tumble dryer. What more could you want from a home on wheels?

How much fuel does it hold?

This vehicle is huge-and when we say huge, the fuel tank alone holds 235 gallons and wait for it, costs over a thousand dollars to fill up, so anyone living here in the UK who wants one of these, it will more than likely cost a bit more because of our fuel costs compared to the USA. Yikes!!!

Now down to the cost of one of these mansions on wheels. The most expensive one we could find sold for million dollars and we believe that was sold to Arabs in Dubai. That says it all really as they certainly love the best out there. We really want one, perhaps Santa will get one for us. Keep dreaming!!!!