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Three Tips for Fitting New Number Plates

Three Tips for Fitting New Number Plates

Are you planning on buying one of our top-notch personalised number plates? If you’ve never purchased a private number plate before, you may be uncertain how to fit your new plate in a way that ensures it remains secure and looks stylish. Here at ThePrivatePlateCo, we understand that fitting new plates can seem tricky if you’ve never done it before. That’s why we’ve come up with three simple tips that will make the process much easier. If you follow our advice, you should be able to fit your new plate securely and make sure that it looks impeccable, too.

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1. Make sure your car is clean

You probably don’t want to have to clean your new plates as soon as you’ve fitted them. That’s why we recommend cleaning your car beforehand. This will minimise the amount of dirt and grease they pick up as they are being attached.

2. Use your old plates as a guide

When you receive brand new number plates, you may need to drill holes in them for screws before you can fit them onto your car. Luckily, there’s a fast and reliable way to find out where the screw-holes need to be positioned. Simply lay your old plates precisely over the new plates. The holes on the old plates will show you exactly where they need to be positioned on the new plates. All you have to do is mark the positions with a pen and you will be able to drill the holes in the correct locations. This ensures that the new plates will fit onto your car correctly and minimises the risk that they will become detached.

3. Use appropriately-coloured screw caps

Once you have screwed your new plates onto your car, you should use caps to cover the screw-heads. This will protect them from rust and thereby ensure the long-term stability of your plates. However, you can also use screw caps to improve the appearance of your plates. Use a black screw cap if a screw goes through one of the black letters or numbers on your number plate. Use a yellow or white screw cap if it goes through the yellow or white background. This will render the screws nearly invisible and will drastically improve the appearance of your new plates.

We offer a broad spectrum of personalised DVLA number plates here at ThePrivatePlateCo, so check out our range ASAP. When you receive your new plates, just follow the hints that we’ve provided in today’s blog to ensure that you fit them to your car as well as possible.