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Rolls-Royces Biggest Ever Order

Rolls-Royces Biggest Ever Order

Rolls Royce, the world’s most prestigious car brand, has just received its biggest ever order from a single customer. Stephen Hung, a Chinese hotel and casino owner, has placed an order for 30 custom built Rolls Royce Phantom cars. Standard Phantom models retail for around £300,000 but the long wheel based version purchased by Mr. Hung are valued at over £400,000 and with his personal additions to match the hotel, they increase to over £600,000 each!

In the midst of a poor economic climate, an order like this suggests that we are indeed reaching the end of the recession and becoming more comfortable in spending. The cars, which incidentally are all going to be red in colour and emulate the lobby area of the new hotel, will cost Mr. Hung over £20 million and are going to be used as limousines for the guests of his new multi million pound hotel in Macau which is due to open in 2016.

Rolls-Royces Biggest Ever Order

The hotel and casino, named “The Louis XIII Project”, has been described as the most luxurious ever built and therefore it’s no surprise that the penthouse apartments at the hotel will cost no less than £10,000 a night. At those prices, it won’t take long for the cars to be paid for we’re sure.

Mr. Hung is no stranger to the Rolls Royce brand already owning four cars himself. He also recently bought his wife a pink model as a Valentine’s Day gift and she is easily recognised around the congested streets of Hong Kong with her personalised number plate that reads “Deborah”.

Rolls Royce Number Plates

Now we don’t expect you to be able to match the Hung’s in their car fleet but you can at least afford to add a great personalised plate to your car especially with our low cost finance option! You may not have thirty £600,000 Rolls Royce cars but you can have a fantastic Personalised Number Plate from The Private Plate Company! It’s almost as good don’t you think?