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LaFerrari F70-Hybrid Supercar

LaFerrari F70-Hybrid Supercar

In 2013, at the Geneva Auto Show, a super car was being unveiled. Not just any super car. This car was the new Ferrari called “LaFerrari”.

Not only is this car fast, sexy and a Ferrari, but it is in fact the latest in a surge of new hybrid super cars to be released. Who would have thought that a manufacturer like this luxury brand would build a car like this?

Hybrid cars are the future and we are over the moon that super car builders are taking responsibility and joining other brands that have been doing this a while now. The only small problem is that Ferrari are only building 499 and this exclusivity will cost you a staggering £1 million.

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This type of car will hold its value, so you are sure not to lose money on it-providing you have that kind of money to spend in the first place. What an investment. Ferrari have claimed it will reach up to speeds of 217 mph and will have a BHP of around 800 in standard form but an additional 163 BHP is achievable by means of KERS-Kinetic Energy Recovery System- seen in F1 cars over the last few years.

Ferrari Number Plates

We have the ultimate car registration for this model- F70 FER- as in tradition with F40, F50 and F60 models this is affectionately known as the F70.

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