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Porsche 918 Registration Plates

Porsche 918 Registration Plates

Its not everyday you see a Porsche 918 car on the road. Just how many are there in the UK, as the DVLA have just auctioned 4 Porsche 918 registrations in just one sale? We know that there were just 918 models of this super car built so where are they all? One of our regular customers has one but he purchased a SPY registration for his.

Porsche 918 Registration Plates

Porsche registration plates

The four Porsche 918 Registration plates that were at the sale were. 918 E,  918 POR,  P918 OOO and POR 918T. The 918 registration that made the highest price was 918 POR at hammer price of £7600 which seemed reasonable based on the fact that the cars are over £650,000. On another Porsche related note, 911 RUF was sold at the same sale and raised £13,500 hammer so we think its safe to conclude that 911 buyers spend more money on personalised number plates than Porsche 918 owners