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Personalised Number Plates and How to Find Them

Personalised Number Plates and How to Find Them

Whether it is because of business, vanity, or just for a bit of fun, buying a private number plate is an excellent way to put a unique stamp on your vehicle. The world as a whole is witnessing an influx in the number of individuals requesting personalised car registration numbers. Twenty-five years back, a number plate that spelled out a name or phrase was brushed off as sheer coincidence and luck. Today, personalised number plates are now company brands and marketing strategies.

Personalised Number Plates and How to Find Them

There is inadequate information available about how an individual should go about purchasing a private number plate. Most information out there is insufficient, consequently discouraging those earnestly looking forward to acquiring private number plates.

This helpful article will provide information on the first step of obtaining a private number plate, which is knowing where to look for them.

Buying From the DVLA

The first step you should embark on is to contact the DVLA. The DVLA has an online search tool that searches a user’s query, or rather searches terms against a vast repository of available plates. The output returns plate numbers that match or almost match the search criteria of the user.

The DVLA also holds a series of car number plate auctions through which plates can be purchased. These auctions are either physical auctions, where an individual bids in person or via phone, or timed auctions. Timed auctions occur online and use online bidding systems. A user submits a maximum bid limit, and the system then automatically bids for them until the limit. Whoever’s bid is highest will win the plate.

Buying Registrations Privately

Car magazines and newspapers may contain classified advertisements on private registration numbers that you may not find the DVLA website. If you are looking for unique plates that may have some historical value, looking out for such adverts in motor magazines is a good place to start.

Purchasing From a Number plate Dealer

Many companies also have a repository of available private number plates. If multiple attempts to locate your desired plate number from the DVLA database and motor magazines fails, contacting a broker is the best option. There are a wide range of broker companies to contact in the search for your perfect plate. The great thing about buying though these middle men is that for a minimal fee, all the paper work that would otherwise inundate you is taken care of. Furthermore, brokers commit to meeting your needs, so these companies will go to great lengths to guarantee you receive the personalised number plate you want.