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Blackburn Rovers

Blackburn Rovers

Blackburn Rovers BBR 1 Number Plate

Football related number plates are always good sellers but only a handful of true supporters manage to get hold of the ultimate club related registrations like PNE 1 or 1 CFC for example.

In fact, HU11 CTY was recently sold at auction for more than £40,000 to a Hull City supporter and life-long fan. Other football plates that are very popular are CFC as they appeal to Chelsea, Cardiff and Colchester fans to name but a few and UTD as all United based teams (and there are 14 of them we think) would suit these letters.

BBR 1 is a great combination and probably the very best number plate for a genuine Blackburn Rovers fan and it can be transferred within a few days to the lucky buyer. The registration is available exclusively from the private Plate Company. Call 01639 888833 for details.