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Anyone for PEPSI ?

Anyone for PEPSI ?

We mentioned car registrations that are used for advertising or company branding a while back and when this special Pepsi number plate came on sale, we thought it may be a good idea to write a post about it.

Anyone for PEPSI ?

Pepsi number plate

Everyone knows the Pepsi Cola brand and so this Pepsi number plate would be instantly recognisable and would obviously turn a few heads. However, at the asking price of almost £25,000 its unlikely to sell to anyone who just likes the taste of Pepsi. Its more likely to be purchased by the UK distributor of the soft drink to be used in advertising campaigns and special functions. As a VAT and tax deductible asset it could still represent great value for money especially when you consider a one off full page advertisement in one of the Saturday or Sunday newspapers could cost as much as £15,000.

Number plates for branding

We have some other great personalised number plates that can be used for advertising and again its important to know that if they are related to the business that they are advertising, then they are tax and VAT deductible which can be quite a large saving.

One of the most popular combinations that are bought by businesses are the CALL registration numbers. These are private registrations where the registration begins with CA11 and is then followed by 3 letters related to the company or business in question. Registration plates such as CAll JCB would be perfect for a digger hire company and CAII BMW would obviously suit a BMW car dealer. The combinations for these new style registrations are endless.