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What Cherished Number Plates would you choose?

What Cherished Number Plates would you choose?

Choosing a personalised licence plate can be simple if you know exactly what you want, but it can be difficult if you start your search with no prior ideas. Once you start searching, you may decide that you prefer cherished number plates which are more than 60 years old and generally have a lot of history or maybe a new style registration that includes two sets of initials. There are so many different styles of registration numbers to consider. The choices are virtually endless. But if you are unsure what type of car reg you would like, we have addressed some of the choices available to you.

Names or initials

Personalising a number plate with your name or initials is a great way to make it unique and personal to you. For example, “JSM 17H” or “JS 1” would be perfect for someone named John Smith, but specific reg plates can end up costing a fortune, especially if the initials or the name included is very common. Some combinations of letters are incredibly popular because certain names are much more common than others. The most common first name initials are J,  M,  A,  S, and D, although M is fast becoming the most common first initial over the last few years. The most common surnames in the UK are Smith, Jones, Taylor, Brown, and Williams; however, it may surprise you that the most common surname initial is “B,” as there are more surname variants that start with the letter B than any other. This means that private plates that have combinations of the popular first and surname initials, such as JB, AM, and SW, for example, are much more expensive and difficult to find as opposed to combinations such as FG, LK or VN.

Play on words

Number plates are a great way to show off your sense of humour. For example, “BIG FSH” or “SMELLY” would be perfect for a fishing enthusiast or someone who just wanted to have a bit of fun. There are lots of names or words that can be made up using combinations of letters, and numbers that can represent letters. For example, the number 5 can be used to represent an “S,” the number 1 looks like the letter “I,” etc.

Try a combination of numbers and letters

Unique and memorable reg plates can be thought up with a little imagination. For example, “T3 SLA” or “FA57 CAR” would be perfect for a car enthusiast. Remember, some numbers can look almost exactly the same as letters, so names can be made more easily, such as using 55 to resemble SS in registrations to make words such as ROSS.

Hobbies or professions

Choosing a number plate combination to include a hobby or a profession is a very popular search on our website. For example, using DR at the start of new style registrations such as DR22 BOB would be perfect for a doctor or physician named Bob. Construction workers could use DIG or maybe plant drivers would choose JCB. personalised plates with the letters “VET,” “BUS,” or “FLY” would generally indicate the line of work associated with the car owner. There are dozens of combinations using 3 letters that represent hobbies and jobs.

Memorable dates

Memorable registrations are generally bought as gifts to represent a special occasion or date. For example, using dates in a registration can be a wonderful way to commemorate someone’s birthday or marriage. For example, if a person was born on March 22, a registration beginning with M22 would perfectly represent the date as well as the person’s name or initials. 21st birthdays are one of the most celebrated occasions, so personalised number plates with 21 included are a wonderful way to make a lifelong gift that will be remembered for years to come.

Location registrations

This can be a great way to show off where you’re from or where you’ve lived. For example, “BA65 HOT” would look exactly like Bagshot in Surrey, and “W4 LES” would be perfect for someone who lives, or has lived in Wales. Some customers like using UK or GB at the start of the registration, such as UK57 JON or GB12 SUE. Using the GB or UK letters at the start of the plate would not negate the use of a GB symbol on the plastic plates if you were driving on the continent. You would still need that blue emblem on the left-hand side of the registration.

Football club reg plates

Football-related car registrations are massively popular amongst motorists. There are thousands of ways to show your support for big-name teams or even individual players. Combinations such as CTY or UTD are a cool way to show your support for City or United.

Car makes and models

One of the most popular personalised registration searches online is for car related makes and models. 911, TVR, BMW, GT, and VXR are all car related makes or models that are constantly searched for and can make quite a lot of money when resold.  FAST registrations plates are very popular for sports cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini too. Other popular searches include M3, X5, V8, and V12, which are car models and engine sizes.

His and her registrations

Since the new style registrations were introduced way back in 2001, there has been the opportunity to include two sets of initials on a registration plate. This means that partners can choose their own registration by having one set of two letters at the front and three letters at the end. Something like JK55 DHK or even DK55 JSK is possible, so a partnership can now have 2 cars bearing the initials of both partners. Prices for this style start at less than £300 all-inclusive.

Overall, the options for personalising a private number plate are endless. You can use your imagination and creativity to come up with something that best represents you or your interests.