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Ideas & Tips for Choosing the Perfect Personalised Registration

Ideas & Tips for Choosing the Perfect Personalised Registration

We know that many people who are looking for customised or dateless registrations are often stymied when it comes to picking the perfect personalised car number. In fact, based on our research, we have come to understand that some prospective buyers do not even understand the issuance system in the UK. In this article, we hope to illuminate you with valuable tips and information you should keep in mind when buying private plates.

A private registration is a great way to make a statement of style with your vehicle. Today many people dream (and are capable) of owning customised registrations – a practice that was in the past considered a preserve of the rich and famous. However, today, no matter where you are, you can easily reserve, sell or buy a personalised number plate with the help of our company’s unique car registration search system. In the UK, there are specific laws governing the sale and buying of private plates. Below, we will discuss some of the top tricks and hacks you should follow when looking for a new reg in the UK.

Top Tips for Choosing a Personalised Registration

1. Consider Your Budget

Just like when thinking about making any purchase, you should first decide the amount of money you want to set aside for buying a personalised reg. Note that different types of registrations usually come at varying price ranges. On setting a budget, you should move ahead and research on the registrations that you can afford. By carrying out a simple online search, you can easily find out the different types of license plates available in the UK that fall within your price range. You must remember that Dateless registrations usually come at a higher cost since they are usually in high demand throughout all seasons.

2. Consider The Durability of The Registration

Dateless number plates are mostly acquired as cherished possessions – meaning that if you buy one, you will not be looking to change it any time soon. As the premier reg dealers in the UK, we recommend that when buying a custom number plate, you should avoid reg numbers that are in trend, and instead go for options that will still be valuable years to come. For example, you can go for ones related to a favourite football team or one that is related to one of your favourite hobbies.

3. Consider a Private Plate That Incorporates Phonetics

The use of phonetics and visual art tricks in DVLA registrations has spread greatly across the UK in recent years. The use of phonetics works especially well if you are looking to own a reg mark that incorporates numbers that look like letters. With visual art tricks and phonetics, you can use certain letters to represent numbers in your plate. For example, the letter Z can represent the number 2, B can represent 8, and, L can represent 1. Using phonetics, you can even use letters and numbers to represent a whole word. For example, the word ‘forty’ can be replaced by ‘4 TEE’.

4. Carry Out Research Beforehand

Note that the issuing of private registrations is highly regulated in the UK by the DVLA. There are certain procedures and regulations that must be followed before buying. For example, authorised plate suppliers must design any new plate numbers in a specific way before they are processed and issued. However, if you do not have the time to carry out research on the laws governing the issue of personalised plates, you can contact us for assistance and guidance on how to chose one that works for you.

5. Keep An Open Mind When Searching for a Private Plate

As we mentioned earlier, the popularity of private registration marks in the UK has exploded in recent years. As it is, thousands of car owners have applied and/or already own their favourite reg marks. As such, it is important to keep in mind that the one you consider ideal may not be readily available. Before starting your search, we recommend that you also keep a list of other alternative options that you can buy in case your preferred one is unavailable or too expensive.  Its always worth taking the time to be sure as you cant generally change your mind unless you decide to sell it again of course. When listing your alternates, we recommend that you put down plate alternatives that will still meet your needs while at the same time providing a good ROI (Return on Investment) in the future.

6. When Choosing a Private Plate, Consider Your Needs

There are many reasons why you may want to choose a private plate. For example, you may be looking to make a style statement, promote your brand, or to a mark a memorable event or day. Before going on a custom plate hunt, make sure that you fully understand the message that you want your plates to convey. Understanding your want will help you narrow down the time it takes to search for and find the perfect plate from online dealers.

7. Consider Being Creative When Crafting Your Private Plate Details

If you are using your creativity to determine the details on your custom reg, we recommend that you take your time before coming up with the final details to be contained in your plate. Consider asking your relatives, friends and close social circles on their opinion before making a final choice. When choosing the details that will be on your plate, you can use your creativity to get the plate you desire. For example, you can interchange numbers with letters and vice-versa. A good example is that the number ‘5’ can be used to represent ‘S’ while the letter ‘R’ can represent the number ‘12’. Note that most online cherished plate retailers have a ‘Super Search’ tool that can help you find the perfect plate even if you are starting from scratch.

8. If You Want a Plate with a Name, Think Outside the Box

Many enthusiasts often go for specific versions that have a combination of letters and numbers that look like names. Given that there is a likelihood that someone else already owns your preferred plate details, we recommend that when coming up with your plate details you consider using letters and numbers which when combined form your preferred name. For example, your registration details can start with a combination of a few numbers and letters which can then be separated by a gap and followed by more numbers, letters or symbols.

9. Consider Using a Special Date, Day or Details in Your Personalised Plate

Another great idea to consider when choosing a private registration is to go for one that has details that mean something special to you. For example, when coming up with your ideas, you can incorporate special dates such as your wedding day or the anniversary of your kid’s birth. You can also incorporate a name that has a special meaning on your reg. If you do not want the meaning of your plate to be known instantly by other people, you can consider using a combination of numbers, symbols and letters that will have the same meaning. For example, if you want the name ‘Miss’ on your car, you can interchange it with ‘M155’. Note that if you are going to be using a combination of a special date on your personalised plate, you need to be extra creative. Remember that there are many different combinations that you can use to pass along a message through your registration either covertly or overtly.

Based on our experience with thousands of clients in the UK, we know that choosing and finding the perfect personalised plate can be an arduous task. If you do not where to begin when choosing, we have provided some of the best hacks and tricks you can employ to find a reg mark that reflects what you actually want. If you want more tips and ideas on how to choose the ideal registration then contact us today for free impartial advice.