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Ferrari Number Plates

Ferrari Number Plates

As you are visiting this website, you must surely have an interest in private number plates and how better to see some of the fanciest number plates in the country than on a bright red Ferrari car.

This 2017 model 488 is perfect with the owners initials. A rare find indeed as the registration is an original issue from 1920. That means its over 100 years old

ferrari-MD 11.jpg Ferrari is not only one the most recognisable motoring brands along with manufacturers like Rolls Royce but it a reflection of the extrovert nature of the driver to show off his prized personalised registration number. Ferrari owners usually only use the cars during the summer months and as such, the cars are kept in pretty good condition. There are quite a few Ferrari owners club meetings held all over the world. Naturally the UK events are only usually held during the summer months when owners of Ferrari’s of all ages can take to the roads and meet where they can talk about all things Ferrari without the fear of rain.

Ferrari Registration Plates

Although, with the wettest summer for years, we assume that most Ferraris haven’t seen light of day this year. Some of the national events can attract hundreds of owners and their cars from all over the British Isles and even some from overseas. Its interesting to think, that the USA has the most Ferrari owners followed closely by Germany although there are more open top cars, or spider models as they are known by Ferrari, in the UK than any other country.