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Ultimate Private Number Plates

Ultimate Private Number Plates

We are often asked what we consider to be the best or ultimate number plates for sale and invariably it has to be either pure names or single single registrations.  Lets explain….

Pure name registrations are where the number plate reads a name perfectly using the numbers in the registration to appear as letters. Some perfect examples of pure number plates would be N1 GEL, APR 1L, M1 CKY, ACT 10N, BR15 TOL or K1 NGS ( mentioned below) etc etc. We think you get the idea. This style of number plate is highly desirable as usually it is the only way that the name it depicts can be made. So naturally its exclusive and therefore expensive.

Single Single Registrations

Single single registrations are the other style that we consider to be the ultimate private number plates that you can buy. As the name suggests, single single registrations are made up of just one letter and one number either way round. The exclusivity comes from the fact that there are only a maximum of 414 single single registrations that have been released in the UK. That comes from a combination of 23 letters - as I,Q and Z are not issued in the UK - and numbers 1-9. The letters or numbers can be at the start of the plate although the ones that start with a letter are the most desirable as they are the original issue and most date back to the beginning of the last century.

Famous single single registrations

A 1 is the most famous of the single single registration plates as its considered to be the very first number plate ever issued and was first owned by Earl Russell when he sat up all night and waited in a queue to be the fist owned of this registration. It has been owned by various people over the last 100 years including the chairman of London city council, a gentleman by the name of George V Pettyt - who owned to for over 40 years until he passed away -  Mr Trevor Laker who inherited it from Mr Pettyt and Dunlop Holding Ltd who are famous for their brand of tyres.

Ultimate Private Number Plates

Another famous single single number plate is surely 1 A. 1 A gained the reputation as the highest priced number plate sold by DVLA auction when it sold for £160,000 on the hammer in December 1989 until it was superseded in price by the registration number K1 NGS that sold for £185,000 hammer price in December 1993.

We have recently sold registration numbers to one of our clients in Australia who was kind enough to send us pictures of three of his cars with his super rare single single registrations that he acquired in 2012.

If you have any similar registrations for sale of if you would like to buy, then please contact us on 01639 888833 or visit our website at The Private Plate Company