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Terms & Conditions for Sellers

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully as they contain important information about your rights and obligations when selling a private registration through The Private Plate Company (“THE PPC”).

  • 1. The Seller of a registration mark appoints THE PPC to advertise and sell the right to transfer their registration mark to a Buyer that THE PPC shall find, at the price indicated in a written quotation provided. THE PPC will bear the cost of all advertising and marketing of the registration, subject to the Seller adhering to the terms and conditions of their contracted agreement, and thus no cost to the Seller.
  • 2. The value payable to the Seller of the mark will be that already agreed in the quotation previously issued or any lower offer agreed with the Seller prior to sale, by letter, telephone, facsimile or email.
  • 3. The Agency contract of THE PPC can only be cancelled by the Seller, upon written notice given by the Seller to THE PPC by prepaid recorded delivery post. Telephone, or email cancellation will NOT be accepted.
  • 4. The Seller must notify THE PPC in writing, if the vehicle carrying the mark is sold, stolen or destroyed, or he/she otherwise ceases to be the owner of the mark, or wishes to withdraw it from sale.
  • 5. A Buyer shall be deemed to be found once THE PPC have received a part payment by cash, cheque or credit card from an intending purchaser of the mark.
  • 6. If the Agency agreement is not cancelled by the Seller and a Buyer is found, the Seller shall be liable to produce the documents for the registration mark in question, or pay THE PPC their costs. Costs are to cover expenses incurred in selling the registration and the lost sales commission.
  • 7. The Seller shall not incur any liability for any commission to THE PPC once the cancellation notice has been received and confirmed back to the Seller, prior to any Buyer being found. Cancellations cannot be back dated.
  • 8. The Seller will be responsible for presenting the donor vehicle (the one that carries the mark being sold), for inspection, if so required, at their own expense. The Seller will also be responsible for affixing the replacement registration mark after approval by the DVLA.
  • 9. Full payment for a registration purchased from a private seller for THE PPC stock, or sold on a commission basis to a third party, will only be released upon final approval of the replacement V5 registration document by the DVLA at Swansea.
  • 10. The seller must return all valid paperwork, including Current V5 and MOT Certificate, where applicable, as requested upon procurement of any sale within a maximum of 28 days of notification of a sale. If a sale falls through due to failure to provide valid paperwork within this timescale, then the Seller will again be responsible to replace the lost sales commission on the sale.
  • 11. THE PPC shall be responsible for the administering of documentation required to transfer the registration mark and will process all papers as quickly as is possible, but will NOT be liable for any losses howsoever caused due to any delay otherwise than on the part of THE PPC. If the DVLA revokes the right to a registration mark, THE PPC will not be liable for any damages, interest, or other expense incurred whatsoever.
  • 12. The Buyer is responsible for the payment of the current DVLA transfer or retention fee, and for producing the documentation of the vehicle receiving the mark. If a mark is held on a Retention/Entitlement Certificate, the Seller must provide the un-expired certificate to be sent to the DVLA for amendment, at a cost to the Seller.

The terms of this contract do not affect your statutory rights.

We reserve the right to make changes to our website, policies, and these Terms and Conditions at any time. You will be subject to the policies and Terms and Conditions in force at the time that you use the website. Use of our website and services signifies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.


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Last updated: April 5, 2022