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If you wish to sell your registration plate, you can list it on our website for a unlimited period free of charge by simply completing the form below.

We aim to make the process of selling your number plate as simple as possible and are available for free help and advice at all stages of the sale. Once a buyer is found, we will professionally handle all the transfer paperwork and administration for you. Please note that we will continue to advertise the plate until it is sold, or until you tell us otherwise.

We have sold over 250,000 car registrations and have been trading for over 25 years so we think you will have the best chance of finding a buyer for your plate if we are advertising it for sale for you. In order to attract the best price possible, DO NOT advertise elsewhere as it will cause customer confusion.

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Our number plate valuation service is provided totally free, our valuation will take into account factors such as the age and rarity of the plate and how popular the plate maybe in comparison to other plates we have sold over the years. Our experts will offer you a realistic valuation of your private plate and once the price is agreed proceed with adding your plate to our website.

The Private Plate Company offer a completely free listing service to sell your private plate on our site and across our network of partners in the UK.

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