Yes we are still processing orders and arranging transfers during the Coronavirus outbreak. We are also still posting new plastic number plates within 2 working days.

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The next auction is on the 13th, 14th, 15th May 2020.

To search for any of the registrations in the next DVLA auction sale, please use the search box below.

Registrations in the next DVLA Auction

YOD 4A £350* View
YOG 6A £350* View
YOR 8K £350* View
24 YS £2,200* View
44 YU £2,200* View
YU54 SUF £400* View
2 YUN £400* View
YUS 3A £350* View
YUS 7F £350* View
8 YX £2,200* View
Y35 ALF £250* View
Y41 TES £250* View

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