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18 BBS

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Terms & Conditions  (Please read carefully)

I hereby authorise 'The Private Plate Company' to bid on my behalf for the private registration number 18 BBS at the forthcoming DVLA auction. I accept that the total price to be paid consists of the auctioneer's hammer price, plus 8% buyers premium, plus VAT, plus the £80.00 registration fee, only if my bid is successful.

As a representative on my behalf, I agree to pay 'The Private Plate Company' a fee of £35 plus VAT as a representation fee. I also agree to pay a further fee of 10% (£100 minimum, £400 maximum) of the hammer price, only if my bid is successful.

As security, I authorise 'The Private Plate Company' to debit the sum of £500 from my credit card 24 hours before the sale. This is to be repaid in full should my bid be unsuccessful, or used as a part payment if successful.

As purchaser and/or nominee of the above registration number, I am responsible to both the 'Department of Transport' and the 'Secretary of State for Transport' for the full and final payment of this registration mark.

I agree to the above Terms & Conditions

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Auction starting price for 18 BBS £1,200.00
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This registration cannot be purchased before the DVLA Auction.

Once your bid is received, we will remove the registration plate from our website to deter other bidders. Don't worry if your bid appears low as many number plates sell for the starting price when bids are placed early.

UK Private Plate registration number 18 BBS

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