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Special Offer for July 2014

We know its a bit early, but July is just around the corner and summer holidays are approaching. With that in mind we though we would make our July special offer a bit earlier this month. The registration number 7 MMW is part of our stock collection and is a very rare combination as DVLA never issued the MMW series without a year letter after 1955. Our records show that only 5 other single digit MMW plates exist so its a rare find indeed.

How much is this plate?

7 MMW is available for just £4995 plus VAT and transfer fee and can be transferred within 10 days to any vehicle or if preferred, it can be supplied on a retention certificate if there is no vehicle to transfer it on to at this time.

Call The Private Plate Co on 01639 888833 for details of 7 MMW and over 40 million other combinations that we have available.