Number plate news

Registration Number 50 PJS

Its always nice when customers send in photos of the personalised number plates that they have bought from our company. Mrs Steptoe from Essex used our DVLA Auction bidding service to acquire the registration 40 PJS back in November 2013 for use on a new car she had on order and so we posted the certificate to her so that she could give it to the car dealer.

Time for another number plate

However, in January 2014 she also noticed that we had 50 PJS advertised and preferred it to the 40 PJS that she already had. We arranged 50 PJS by using our live auction bidding service and now Mrs Steptoe has both registrations parked in her drive.

40 PJS is on her husbands Porsche Cayenne GTS and 50 PJS has been transferred to her new Jaguar F Type and doesn't it look fantastic.

The full list of all current DVLA Auction plates can be found on our auction page or call us on 01639 888833 if there is a combination that you are finding difficult to get.