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DVLA Number Plates are not to be confused with Cherished registration numbers. DVLA Number plates are the car registrations that are issued by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA for short). They usually cost a few hundred pound although some of the more sought after combinations that are very rare or desirable can cost many thousands of pounds.

The registrations have not been around for quite as long as the Suffix registrations or cherished number plates. They made their first appearance in August 1983 when the system changed from what were then the Suffix number plates to the Prefix number plates.

The first DVLA Number plates that were available for sale were the "H" prefix registrations that were put on sale by Select Registrations in October 1990. These ranged from number 1-20 but no higher. After the successful launch of these number plates, the DVLC then issued the "A" prefix range of number plates on 16th August 1991. Again only 20 registrations from each rage were issued. Number plate dealers bought thousands of these plates, as up until this point they were so difficult to find and of course there was a great demand.

The DVLA continued issuing these prefix number plates up until March 2000, but added more combinations to the range such as 111, 200 and 222 for example, at which point the new style DVLA number plates came into circulation. The current style of number plates, which look like AG53 DFG for example, will be around until 2050 when another system for registering new cars will have to be dreamed up.

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