Retention Certificate (V778)

Retention Certificate

A Retention Certificate is only issued when a registration number has been retained from the vehicle on which it has been assigned to.  A Certificate of Entitlement (V750)  on the other hand, is a certificate issued directly from the DVLA for a registration that has never been previously been issued. Once the plate has been transferred it can not go back on to a V750. It than has to go on to a V778 retention certificate. The original purchaser, or grantee as it is called, of the registration is the only party that can make an application for the extension.

Retention Certificate Fee

The DVLA will issue the retention certificate and the applicant will the provide the renewed private registration  on the retention certificate to the nominee.

If you forget to extend or renew your Retention Certificate (V77Smilie: 8), it is important that you do so ASAP. The DVLA has the right to revoke and void any registration certificate that has lapsed. This rarely happens, although we suggest you don’t risk it as there is no form of reimbursement or compensation. Many people have the misconception that they can avoid paying the extension fee and only pay it once when they are ready to assign the registration mark onto a vehicle. This not true. The DVLA will backdate the fees to the date of expiry.

It is the Grantee’s responsibility to keep the certificate valid, although if you are named as the nominee, then you should contact the grantee before the certificate expires in order to allow time for extension. Customers of The Private Plate Company will receive a complimentary renewal reminder within a month of the expiry date.

Retention Certificate Application Form (V317)

If you would like to retain your private registration for a further 12 months, fill out Section 3 on your retention certificate and send it to the original purchaser, remember to include the appropriate fees otherwise it will delay processing.

However, if you own a personalised registration that is currently assigned to a vehicle and would like to put it on retention, you will need to compete the Retention Certificate Application Form (V317). People like to keep their registrations when they sell their vehicles, this is the correct and legal way to do ensure your private plate remains yours. The application fee is £105, and will allow you to keep your registration on a certificate for 12 months.

Click here to download the Retention Certificate Application Form (V317)

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