Private Number Plates for Less

If you are looking at buying your private number plates for less, then the place to call is the Private Plate Company. We have been buying and selling the cheapest number plates for sale since 1993, so with almost 20 years experience, you can be assured that you are dealing with experts in this field. Our reputation is second to none. With over fifty thousand personalised car registrations sold you can be assured that we know exactly what we are doing. We offer all of our DVLA number plates for less than the other companies that you may see advertising as we work on the principle of volume and repetative sales. By making our prices the cheapest and combining this with the highest level of service we deal with lots of repeat business not only with the public, but also through the number plate industry as well.

Plates for less

number plates for less.

Personalised number plates for less.

Whether you are looking at spending less than £100 or as much as £100,000 there is always a saving that can be made. We can assure you that we will be able to provide your private number plates for less than our competitors as we have a huge database of clients that on almost every occassion we are dealing directly with the source of the registration numbers which is paramount when you are looking at saving on your purchases.

DVLA Number Plates for less.

As well as being members of the CNDA for your continued assurance and protection, we are a recognised reseller of registrations with the DVLA and so we are sure to provide you with the benefit of buying DVLA Number Plates for less with the added benefit of being completely reassured that we are a genuine bonefide company. Our budget range starts at less than £300 all inclusive which means you can buy DVLA Number plates for less than the cost of an annual service on some quality cars. Why not call us after you have browsed the internet for the best prices. Our website contains millions of new car registrations and DVLA number plates for less than you might think. Call us from 9 – 5 weekdays. We are sure that we will be able to provide your chosen plates for less.

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  1. […] obtained by calling us on 01639 888833. In fact we are able to provide details on over 30 million private number plates that we have available for sale so its not just number plates for Bentleys that we can help with. […]

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