Number Plates for Less

We all like a bargain and when searching the internet, and there is no exception when searching for number plates for less on line. At The Private Plate Company, we believe that we have virtually all number plates for less than most of our competitors. The reason we have number plates for less is that we operate on a very small commission and have managed to keep our overheads very low. We have more number plates for sale than the DVLA in fact.

Private number plates for less.

Whether you are looking for Cherished number plates for less or simply a DVLA registrations numberplate, then we are certain that we will be able to provide your number plates for less than anyone else.Plates for Less Our comprehensive transfer service is an option that is regularly chosen by our clients as we are located near the main DVLA offices in Swansea and we are able to transfer your new personalised number plates usually within 4 days of receiving the paperwork.  This means that not only can we supply your number plates for less, we can also register them with  DVLA Swansea and transfer them in half the time that most other companies offer.

Plates for less than DVLA?

Odd as it may appear, we do have some number plates for less than DVLA themselves. For example some of our Irish “cover” number plates are for sale at just £69 plus VAT and transfer fee. That makes a total of £187.80 including the VAT and DVLA transfer fee so we are able to supply number plates for less than almost everyone including the DVLA.

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